[Vm-dev] Alien/Win32

Marco Schmidt Marco.Schmidt at Taugamma.de
Wed Sep 16 21:39:18 UTC 2009

I tried to compile a VM with the Alien-Plugin (squeaksource) under
win32. I found after much tweaking (using files from John McIntosh
situated under Cross/*....) an unresolved symbol "int
inIoProcessEvents" . I can not locate this symbol in my sources.

- Where does the symbol come from?
- Ok, I found it in the newspeak-vm! Is it possible to merge these
files with the current "standard" implementation (
sqVirtualMachine.[ch] )?

- I have some patches to compile the vm with gcc.exe (TDM-1 mingw32) 4.4.0.
- What is the way to supply patches?


Marco Schmidt

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