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Thu Sep 17 01:56:43 UTC 2009

Author: piumarta
Date: 2009-09-16 18:56:43 -0700 (Wed, 16 Sep 2009)
New Revision: 2138

unix release

Modified: trunk/platforms/unix/ChangeLog
--- trunk/platforms/unix/ChangeLog	2009-09-16 23:55:53 UTC (rev 2137)
+++ trunk/platforms/unix/ChangeLog	2009-09-17 01:56:43 UTC (rev 2138)
@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
+2009-09-16  Ian Piumarta  <com -dot- gmail -at- piumarta (backwards)>
+	* doc/RELEASE_NOTES_3.11.3.2135: Release
 2009-09-16    <piumarta at ubuntu.piumarta.com>
 	* cmake/configure: Read svnversion from unix/svnversion if not

Added: trunk/platforms/unix/doc/RELEASE_NOTES_3.11.3.2135
--- trunk/platforms/unix/doc/RELEASE_NOTES_3.11.3.2135	                        (rev 0)
+++ trunk/platforms/unix/doc/RELEASE_NOTES_3.11.3.2135	2009-09-17 01:56:43 UTC (rev 2138)
@@ -0,0 +1,87 @@
+Changes since 3.10-6:
+Numbering scheme changed to X.Y.Z.R where X.Y.Z = VMMaker version used
+to generate the Interpreter and R is the subversion revision of the
+platform support code.
+VMMaker and plugins updated to most recent versions; generated source
+  Balloon3D-Plugins-ar.4.mcz
+  DBus-Plugin-bf.32.mcz
+  GStreamer-Plugins-JMM.16.mcz
+  Kedama-Plugins-yo.1.mcz
+  Rome-Plugin-yo.39.mcz
+  OSProcessPlugin-dtl.16.mcz
+  VMConstruction-Plugins-AioPlugin-dtl.9.mcz
+  VMConstruction-Plugins-XDisplayControlPlugin-dtl.7.mcz
+  VMMaker-dtl.138.mcz
+Build system rewritten using CMake instead of autotools.  Big
+THANK-YOU to Bert, Subbu and Dave Lewis for providing invaluable
+Any plugin can now be turned off in configure with the option
+Experimental PulseAudio driver (vm-sound-pulse) added, thanks to Derek
+O'Connell.  Default is still OSS on Linux; if you want pulse you have
+to ask for it in one of the usual ways.
+FFI tweaked on Linux to avoid a potential FPU stack overflow.
+ClipboardExtendedPlugin will no longer try to build if you don't have
+X11 development headers and libs.
+FileCopyPlugin made resilient to EINTR.
+VM renamed to 'squeakvm'.  'squeak' is now a script that looks for
+'squeakvm', figures out if you need any obscure command-line options,
+and then launches 'squeakvm' for you.  This in turn allows...
+Plugin search stretegy rationalised and simplified.  Default location
+is now the executable directory (where 'squeakvm' is installed).  The
+-plugins argument can be a colon-separated list of locations to
+search, just like PATH.  Plugins are named 'so.plugin' to make
+interference with FFI libraries less likely.
+  NOTE: FFI libraries are no longer searched for in every single nook
+  and cranny, which means you might have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or
+  your local equivalent) for FFI-based programs to work properly.
+Failure to load a plugin because of unresolved symbols is now always
+reported on the terminal.
+Another script 'squeak.sh' is provided for launching squeak from a
+menu.  This isn't finished and suggestions are welcome.
+Default path and text encoding is now UTF-8.
+X11 driver no longer reports SHIFT pressed when CAPS LOCK engaged.
+SerialPlugin now supports named ports.
+All occurences of dprintf() renamed to avoid a name conflict with a
+less-than-stellar decision by POSIX to introduce a standard function
+of the same name.
+RomePlugin is no longer built if cairo was built without Pango
+iconv_open() no longer spams you with thousands of error messages if
+you are missing conversion tables.
+Valid unicode characters that have no corresponding keycode are
+reported with keycode zero to avoid an invalid index error in the
+XImmPlugin should now work on MacOS X/Darwin too.
+Sound driver on MacOS X now works on Intel as well as PowerPC.
+Various changes to make the VM compile and run on GNU/Linux running on
+DEC Alpha.
+vm-sound-Sun now uses asynchronous i/o.
+Various changes to fix compilation on Solaris.

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