[Vm-dev] for Unix

Ian Piumarta piumarta at speakeasy.net
Thu Sep 17 02:35:02 UTC 2009

Dear Unix Squeakers, for Unix is now available at squeakvm.org/unix (sources  
plus binaries for MacOS/Darwin, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD and Solaris,  
on Intel and, occasionally, PowerPC hardware).  Some important stuff  
has changed in this release (see notes below) so please consider it a  
BETA release even though there is no beta tag on the version number.

As usual: comments, suggestions, bug fixes (as whole files please  
*not* diffs) and any unwanted vinyl LPs sitting in your attic can be  
sent directly to me.  Thanks.


Changes since 3.10-6:

Numbering scheme changed to X.Y.Z.R where X.Y.Z = VMMaker version used
to generate the Interpreter and R is the subversion revision of the
platform support code.

VMMaker and plugins updated to most recent versions; generated source


Build system rewritten using CMake instead of autotools.  Big
THANK-YOU to Bert, Subbu and Dave Lewis for providing invaluable

Any plugin can now be turned off in configure with the option

Experimental PulseAudio driver (vm-sound-pulse) added, thanks to Derek
O'Connell.  Default is still OSS on Linux; if you want pulse you have
to ask for it in one of the usual ways.

FFI tweaked on Linux to avoid a potential FPU stack overflow.

ClipboardExtendedPlugin will no longer try to build if you don't have
X11 development headers and libs.

FileCopyPlugin made resilient to EINTR.

VM renamed to 'squeakvm'.  'squeak' is now a script that looks for
'squeakvm', figures out if you need any obscure command-line options,
and then launches 'squeakvm' for you.  This in turn allows...

Plugin search stretegy rationalised and simplified.  Default location
is now the executable directory (where 'squeakvm' is installed).  The
-plugins argument can be a colon-separated list of locations to
search, just like PATH.  Plugins are named 'so.plugin' to make
interference with FFI libraries less likely.

   NOTE: FFI libraries are no longer searched for in every single nook
   and cranny, which means you might have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or
   your local equivalent) for FFI-based programs to work properly.

Failure to load a plugin because of unresolved symbols is now always
reported on the terminal.

Another script 'squeak.sh' is provided for launching squeak from a
menu.  This isn't finished and suggestions are welcome.

Default path and text encoding is now UTF-8.

X11 driver no longer reports SHIFT pressed when CAPS LOCK engaged.

SerialPlugin now supports named ports.

All occurences of dprintf() renamed to avoid a name conflict with a
less-than-stellar decision by POSIX to introduce a standard function
of the same name.

RomePlugin is no longer built if cairo was built without Pango

iconv_open() no longer spams you with thousands of error messages if
you are missing conversion tables.

Valid unicode characters that have no corresponding keycode are
reported with keycode zero to avoid an invalid index error in the

XImmPlugin should now work on MacOS X/Darwin too.

Sound driver on MacOS X now works on Intel as well as PowerPC.

Various changes to make the VM compile and run on GNU/Linux running on
DEC Alpha.

vm-sound-Sun now uses asynchronous i/o.

Various changes to fix compilation on Solaris.

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