[Vm-dev] squeak-android-vm: compiling issues

Thomas Holzmann t.holzmann at student.TUGraz.at
Fri Apr 2 21:42:33 UTC 2010

Hi Stefan,

Which version did you use exactly to compile it? Because I think there 
is a 1.5 r1 version and a 1.6 r1 version...
I will try to get a Linux version of the correct one at the android-ndk 
google group. However, I think it would be good if you could upload the 
win version to the squeak-android-vm page (if there's no license problem).


Stefan Krecher schrieb:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
> had problems compiling with the r3 but did no further investigation. 
> Now i noticed that the r1 isn't available for download anymore, so the 
> "compiling with r3" becomes a high priority task - i'll start working 
> on it asap.
> Until the problem is solved, i could offer to upload the r1 and make 
> it ailable for downloading (if the license allows that). Unfortunatly 
> i only have the Windows-Version of the NDK.
> Regards,
> Stefan

Thomas Holzmann
Student TU Graz / Informatik

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