[Vm-dev] Linux binaries

Ian Piumarta piumarta at speakeasy.net
Sat Apr 10 01:13:52 UTC 2010

Dear Linux hackers,

Does anyone have experience with making binary releases for 32-bit  
Linux that are compiled on a 64-bit system with -m32?  My Linux  
development machine runs 64-bit Linux and it would be convenient to  
package 32-bit Linux VM binaries on that machine rather than remotely,  
or worse after rebooting into a 32-bit kernel.  Any information or  
opinions, for or against, would be gratefully received!

If anyone wants to play spot-the-difference:


One of these was compiled on a 32-bit system, the other on a 64-bit  
system.  (I already know they have slightly different collections of  
plugins. :)  My 32-bit machine happily runs either.


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