[Vm-dev] VMMaker-dtl.169

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Apr 10 20:18:27 UTC 2010

I was hoping to have automatic update notifications from SqueakSource/VMMaker
to the list, but no joy so this will have to do.

I made an update to VMMaker to add some primitives to identify version
level of the VM. This change is *not* required to support Squeak 4.1
release, and changes to platform code are required only if you want
all of the primitives to work (i.e. everything still compiles regardless).

Ian, I have attached updated platforms/unix/vm/config.cmake and
platforms/unix/cmake/configure files that support the new
#primitivePlatformSourceVersion primitive.

- Dave

Name: VMMaker-dtl.169
Author: dtl
Time: 10 April 2010, 3:43:27.612 pm
Ancestors: VMMaker-ar.168

VMMaker 4.0.3

Add version identification primitives

- primitiveInterpreterSourceVersion answers the version of VMMaker that was used to generate the VM source code. This is a string like '4.0.3'.

- primitivePlatformSourceVersion answers the Subversion version level if $PLATFORM_SOURCE_VERSION has been defined, or fails otherwise. This should be a string like '2172'.

- primitiveVMVersion answers an identifier for the VM version (VMMaker plus Subversion) if $VM_VERSION is defined, or fails otherwise. For the Unix VMs, this is a string like '4.0.3-2172'.

- primitiveImageFormatVersion answers an integer identifier for the image format. This is the number that is stored in the image file header to identify image fomat (32/64 bit word size, block closure support).

Rename some code generation methods from #writeXXX to #emitXXX for consistency with other method naming.

Fix VMMaker file list processing to ignore Subversion administrative files (previously only CVS files were ignored).

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