[Vm-dev] CMake for Windows?

Javier Pimás elpochodelagente at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 16:21:52 UTC 2010

>I have been trying to adapt the Unix CMake files for the Windows port,


If I am correct, when you generate sources with VMMaker you get something
like this:

      \-plugins <- external plugins
      \-vm <- interpreter, gc, etc.
            \intplugins  <- internal plugings. Inside vm dir makes sense
                                 they'll be statically linked to the VM.

This is all generated from Slang. You may have some other part of some
plugins in Cross/plugins if they have code directly written in C.


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 12:58 PM, Geoffroy Couprie <geo.couprie at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been trying to adapt the Unix CMake files for the Windows port,
> but I have difficulties understanding the sources layout. I understand
> at least the difference between internal and external plugins, but
> what is in vm/intplugins? It seems that CMake looks for sources in a
> lot of directories, and that some of them are not used anymore. I have
> these directory layouts:
> platforms
>  \-Cross
>  \-plugins
>   \-pluginA
>    \-pluginB
>  \-vm
>  \-specificplatform
>  \-plugins
>   \-pluginA
>   \-pluginB
>  \-vm
> And for the generated sources directory:
> src
>  \-pluginA
>  \-pluginB
>  \-vm
> Is that the definitive sources layout?
> Also, if you're interested in using CMake for Windows, should I
> assemble Unix and Windows instructions in the same files?
> Best regards,
> Geoffroy Couprie

Javier Pimás
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
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