[Vm-dev] CMake for Windows?

Geoffroy Couprie geo.couprie at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 23:23:00 UTC 2010


You'll find my work on the CMake files at

I put a CMakeLists.txt file just under the platforms/ directory, along
with the cmake/ directory. These files are based on the unix ones. I
modified them to change the source directory depending on the
platform. I also modified the configure file accordingly, but i
commented the code using subversion for my convenience during
development (feel free to change it back).

These CMake files are not perfect, it's just the beginning. First, I
want to make sure that the unix port still builds with my file, and
then, I'll go on with the config.cmake and build.cmake files for the
plugins, and I'll clean CMakeLists.txt  a bit.

Feel free to comment, but note that I'm beginning with CMake, and that
I don't write bash code very often. And please, try it with the unix
port. I don't want to break everything :)

Anyway, it works for me here (I can build a VM on Windows with the
File, Security, LargeIntegers and MiscPrimitive plugins using

Best regards,


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