[Vm-dev] getVMParameters broken

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Fri Aug 6 12:39:53 UTC 2010


In recent VMs (Mac and Unix), SmalltalkImage current vmStatisticsReportString is broken, in that it returns nonsense data for GC times:

GCs				1,145,798 (84ms between GCs)
	full			3914 totalling 723,736,998ms (755.3% uptime), avg 184909.8ms
	incr		1141884 totalling 248,056,609ms (258.9% uptime), avg 217.2ms
	tenures		14,222 (avg 80 GCs/tenure)
Since last view	72 (49ms between GCs)
	uptime		3.5s
	full			0 totalling 0ms (0.0% uptime)
	incr		72 totalling 15,110ms (426.1% uptime), avg 209.9ms
	tenures		0 

primitiveVMParameter in the most recent version of VMMaker package was changed. Does the image-side code need to be adapted or is this a bug in the primitive?



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