[Vm-dev] Porting squeak to embedded device

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at merlintec.com
Tue Aug 10 21:42:01 UTC 2010


> I'm trying to port Squeak to an embedded platform, but one of the 
> limitations there is not MMU (Memory Management Unit) so the binary must 
> be statically linked and I wonder if it is possible to statically 
> compile it with plug-ins.is it possible to compile just the command line 
> to test and work on the graphic driver and input later?

Though SqueakNOS runs on x86 PCs which do have MMUs, it doesn't use them
at all. So it might be a good example to look at:



Another good example is the SqueakDemoDisk from Marcus Denker (based on
his EmbeddedSqueak) which does not include graphics:


Jon Hylands has been using Squeak on the ARM based Gumstix boards for
his robots, but I don't see information about this at:


-- Jecel

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