[Vm-dev] Resizing the display

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Sun Aug 22 17:05:38 UTC 2010


there's a primitive (92) which can be used to resize the display of 
Squeak. The primitive is called from DisplayScreen class >> 
#depth:width:height:fullscreen:. It's comment says:  "Force Squeak's 
window (if there's one) into a new size and depth.".

On windows:
Evaluating [DisplayScreen depth: 16 width: 1024 height: 580 fullscreen: 
true] will change the width and height on Windows, but the depth and 
fullscreen arguments are ignored. But that's acceptable, because there are 
other methods to set those (#newDepth: and #fullScreenMode:).

On unix:
Evaluating [DisplayScreen depth: 16 width: 1024 height: 580 fullscreen:
true] does nothing. The primitive is not implemented, it's just a stub 
that returns 0 - aka false. And that's a problem, because there's no way 
to resize the display.

We mostly use vm-display-null and RFB to control our remote images and we 
would like to resize the display. We have a shell script that accepts 3 
parameters (image_file width height) and changes the stored display 
size of the image, but it's cumbersome to use, because we have to quit the 
image to use the script.
So I changed the body of display_ioSetDisplayMode to the following:

   setSavedWindowSize((w << 16) + (h & 0xFFFF));
   return 1;

This implementation (mostly) behaves like the Windows version and would 
probably work for other unix display plugins and Mac too (IIRC on Mac this 
primitive is also unimplemented).

So I propose to change the minimal implementation of primitive 92 to this 
code (maybe with additional checks for the parameter values). This way we 
could have uniform behavior on all platforms.


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