[Vm-dev] Re: [squeak-dev] [Squeak 4.0] Mac VM to use for 4.0?

Henrik Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue Mar 9 11:54:53 UTC 2010

Den 09.03.2010 07:49, skrev John M McIntosh:
> Ok, it's a test VM, not really for production usage, plus it has little support for plugins in 64bit mode. 
> It also doesn't run on 10.4 or earlier, unlike the 4.2.2 VM which should run on 10.2 or later. 
> Garry ran it in 32bit mode on a Powerpc. It *should* have behaved like the 4.2.2beta1U VM. But 
> he reported these tests worked with V5, but not V4.
> On 2010-03-08, at 10:19 PM, Gary Dunn wrote:
>> BitBltTest>>#testAllAlphasRgbAdd
>> BitBltTest>>#testAllAlphasRgbMax
>> BitBltTest>>#testAllAlphasRgbMin
>> BitBltTest>>#testAllAlphasRgbMinInvert
>> BitBltTest>>#testAllAlphasRgbSub
> Obviously that is interesting... 
> What would be more telling is how it behaves if you run the tests on a MacIntel machine. 
> BTW it does run on PowerPC 32bit, or MacIntel in 32 or 64bit mode. 
> In theory if you do a get info, and check the (Open in 32bit mode) then it should enable use of all the 
> 4.x era plugins. 
Those tests are for the overflow bugs in BitBlt plugin which were fixed
in a later version than 4.2.2 was built from. (but included in 5.X)
IIRC, some time ago you mentioned maybe releasing a new 4.2.X as well,
with an updated version of the plugins :)


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