[Vm-dev] [Squeak 4.0] (RC2) Mac VM Issue: Punted

Casey Ransberger ron.spengler at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 04:32:46 UTC 2010

The Mac VM I'm currently packaging with 4.0 is the same one that was
packaged with 3.10.2. It's old, stable, and closureless. Going to
squeak.org and clicking download, I now get the experimental 32/64 bit
VM that John built, and folks told me to beware of that, so I'm
calling this issue a non-blocking nice-to-have. We'll ship the OS X
zip file with the old VM in RC2. If there's an RC3, I'll consider
dropping a different VM in if there's consensus around which one to


- It's not hard to find a newer VM
- Clearing changesets and image cleanup may affect the relicense
effort and are thus presently of top priority
- The person doing the closure bootstrap (which is a very involved
process as I understand it) will probably know which VM to choose
- 4.0 is virtually the same as 3.10.2, and is thus better tested with
the latest *stable* virtual machine
- The VM doesn't block relicensing

Casey Ransberger (a.k.a., Ronald Spengler)

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