[Vm-dev] Squeak Win32 VM update (3.11.8)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Mar 11 21:37:43 UTC 2010

Hi Andreas,

>I moved the version definition out of the header and into 

I've seen that :)

>which should help changing the product version in rc 
>file, too. 

Dont know if that is possible since the product version
also occurs as String in the *.rc file ...

>Extra manual steps get easily forgotten :-)

What about automating your steps and write the 
*.rc file with your favourite language :)

>I don't consider this to be a critical problem though since 
>the number of users of this feature is so small. 

I installed Swikis, small Squeak based web apps to friends 
and colleagues without much hazzle in the past and it would 
be a pity if that feature would go away. It's really
easy to use and using the simple option done in a few seconds.

With the growing interest in Seaside this could open 
the door to easily installable intranet apps based on Squeak.

>I might even drop it altogether 

Would it really be so hard to fix it? 

>>The "build" directory in trunk
>Just fixed that.

Nice, thank you!

>I canned 3.11.6 and 3.11.7. Version numbers are cheap, I have an 
>infinite supply source

Yes, they are cheap ... but as you see it may confuse other people!

>That is why my recommended approach to building VMs is a file release.

Agree ... but it should at least be reproducable to others.

>In fact ... I might take out the non-file release instructions.

Why ... they mostly worked in the past and documentation is always
good. Its always a burden for developers to write or maintain instructions
but they are helpfull to others.

Thanks for 3.11.8, works like a charm!

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