[Vm-dev] Fwd: Alien on Win32 - Integration into VM Sources

Marco Schmidt Marco.Schmidt at Taugamma.de
Fri Mar 12 19:05:51 UTC 2010

I don't know. I have taken the code directly from a recent source
release of the newspeak-vm source.

The subdirectory IA32ABI was integrated by John McIntosh some time
ago. I moved only some file to correctly build into an subdirectory.
The changes in the Files sqVirtualMachine.[ch] are taken from this
subdirectory too.

I integrated some changes from Vassili (Bykov?) inside the file
sqWin32Window.c. The copyright statement in this file roots this file
to Andreas Raab. The changes were partially merged with the source in
the newspeak source release (
ns-squeak/newspeak-vm/vm/platforms/win32/wm/sqWin32Window.c ).

We need to rethink the mechanism with the inIoProcessEvents-Counter.
There was some discussion on this list about some ideas by Andreas
Raab regarding another way to handle/pump the event loop. It could be
a good time to integrate these changes/ideas.

The generated sources I think/believe are under MIT license because
the Alien-* packages are rooted under www.squeaksource.com/Alien.

My changes in the file Squeak.rc have nothing todo with Alien at all.

I'm no lawyer - I'm only a computer scientist.


2010/3/12 Torsten Bergmann <astares at gmx.de>:
> Andreas wrote:
>>>The changes are taken directly from the newspeak-vm.
>>What's the license on that code?
> According to
> http://newspeaklanguage.org/the-newspeak-programming-language/downloads/newspeak-licensing/
> we have Apache 2.0, Squeak and individual license
> (noted in the individual source files) for Newspeak.
> Marco can you answer?
> Thx
> T.
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