[Vm-dev] what's happening when the vm is a shared library

Stefan Krecher stefan.krecher at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 17 10:02:20 UTC 2010

i'm working on the "squeak on android" Project (but i'm absolutely new
to squeak-vm-hacking):
currently i try to get the socket-stuff working - with limited success :-(
The squeak vm is a shared library compiled with the android-ndk and
wrapped by an android-java app, making jni-calls.
Though the SocketPlugin does compile with the ndk, any call to the
Plugin produces a primitiveFailed-Exception. Even when i replace the
code of a primitive with dummy-code that returns static values and
does not execute any plattform-specific code.
Do i need to redirect the primitive-calls somehow through the java-app
and make calls to the shared-library, or should the primitives just
work on android?
would be greateful for any tips/ hints/ discussions ...
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Neulander Str. 17, 27374 Visselhövede
Tel +49(0)4262 958848
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