[Vm-dev] sqUnixSocket.c - crashing the vm on android

Stefan Krecher stefan.krecher at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 22 09:39:16 UTC 2010

i guess i have a general lack of understanding, regarding how the
socket-implementation in sqUnixSocket.c works, maybe someone can give
me some hints/ tipps?

Here's what i did: i compiled (with the android-ndk) the squeakvm (the
android-version) with Sockets. Sockets in general seem to work (e.g.
initializeNetwork, resolve a name etc works).
But: when i do the following in the android emulator:
| listener |
listener := Socket newTCP.
listener listenOn: 12345 backlogSize: 4.

and then try to connect to that socket via telnet - the vm crashes immediatly!

Made some debug-output in the sqUnixSocket.c, the initialization of
the listening socket seems to work correct.
The Problem is, that i have no clue what happens in the moment, when a
client tries to connect to that socket. I assumed that the program
flow might reach the "static void acceptHandler(int fd, void *data,
int flags)" - but it never get's there.
Have no idea where to debug or to put more debug-output to find out,
what causes the crash.
Maybe someone here to enlight me?


P.S.: did i mention, that i'm completly new to vm-hacking?

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