[Vm-dev] New Windows VM: 4.0.1

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Mar 28 20:59:11 UTC 2010

Folks -

I've built a new Windows VM for the upcoming release (mostly to fix the 
SqueakMap problem). Good thing I tried it first - it turns out that my 
earlier fix for SqueakMap had fixed one particular version of the 
problem, but there was another variant that it hadn't addressed (now it 
does). With this VM I can use SqueakMap successfully.

However, since this was a major version switch I've also changed two 
more issues that came up in the past:

1) The VM will now default to pass the window close event to the image 
instead of handling it directly. You can see that in a current trunk 
image by clicking on the close button (you'll now get a Squeak notifier 
instead of the previous VM notifier). The old behavior is still 
available if you SHIFT-Click on the close button. This is very useful if 
your image hangs.

2) The VM name now reflects the version. In other words, this VM is 
called Squeak4.0.1.exe to make it easier to distinguish between 
versions. Unfortunately this also means you'll heave to create a new 
association if you want to use this VM (hopefully, the installer will 
take care of that later).

As always the VM is available here:


   - Andreas

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