[Vm-dev] Re: Simulate "3+4" with InterpreterSimulator

Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 22:50:54 UTC 2010

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 4:25 AM, Ang BeePeng <beepeng86 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Michael van der Gulik-2 wrote:
>> That is awesome!
>> Can I ask very nicely if somebody could put the resulting image up on
>> http://squeakvm.org in an appropriately findable place, preferably
>> with a workspace set up with cool bits of code?
>> Does it specifically need VM version 3.9.2?
> Hi, I have a  http://askoh.com/mwiki/images/b/be/InterpreterSimulator.zip
> InterpreterSimulator  set up. Unzip, and you can play around with it
> already. Please let me know if you have any problem with it.
> I think it does need 3.9 VM specifically, you can search previous nabble
> post about this.

This is awesome! :-). I'm amazed that computers are fast enough to run
this on a FULL image these days!!!

It runs kind of okay on my 3.11 Linux VM. There seems to be a font
problem; the workspace isn't drawing any text, although you can select
it where text is meant to be. Also event handling is a bit odd; the VM
doesn't seem to react even though CPU usage on the machine is near 0%.

Are you willing to tidy this up enough for putting on e.g.
ftp.squeak.org? I think this image is a great asset! It needs:

* You don't need the "package-cache", "sm" and "cs" directories. All
that stuff is in the image already.
* You can delete SqueakDebug.log.
* I don't know what the file .DS_store is, but its optional too.
* There's a halt in InterpreterSimulator>>lookupMethodInClass:

If you aren't willing to do this, I'll see if I can find free time this week.



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