[Vm-dev] Re: [squeak-dev] Re: Mac Carbon VM 4.2.3b1 sound recording busted

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Wed Mar 31 12:03:52 UTC 2010

If the decisions is to roll back #primitiveSoundRecordSamplesInto:startingAt:
to its previous implementation, then please also bump the version number in
VMMaker class>>versionString to '4.0.2' at the same time. Thanks.

FWIW, my vote would be: Roll back #primitiveSoundRecordSamplesInto:startingAt:
and add a method comment explaining that platform support is responsible for
doing the subtraction.


On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 10:33:36PM -0700, John M McIntosh wrote:
> Eliot's change to the SoundPlugin primitiveSoundRecordSamplesInto  altered the meaning of the bufSizeInBytes
> before the platform code would attempt to calculate the real size based on the startWordIndex, but his change moved
> that calculation into the plugin code, so without altering the platform code you end up doing a double subtraction of the startWordIndex offset. 
> In the carbon vm case this resulted in an underflow for an unsigned integer which then kills you when you say why yes there
> is 0xFFFFFAB  bytes of storage to read into... 
> Based on his emal of "March 29, 2010 12:05:07 PM PDT"
> Likely there is still confusion about exactly how it should work and be fixed. 
> On 2010-03-30, at 8:56 PM, Andreas Raab wrote:
> > On 3/30/2010 8:19 PM, John M McIntosh wrote:
> >>> Mac Carbon VM 4.2.3b1 sound recording busted
> >> 
> >> Must always remember to test (lot more) things after applying VMMaker changes.
> >> I'll have a 4.2.4b1 VM in a few days after some dust settles.
> >> 
> >> But for now if you hit the SoundRecorder record button in your squeak.image it will crash.
> > 
> > Oh dear. Same for Windows 4.0.1. Any ideas what's causing this?
> > 
> > Cheers,
> >  - Andreas
> > 

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