[Vm-dev] Serial ports on Linux

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Wed Sep 1 03:57:39 UTC 2010

I have been able to do serial I/O on Windows, but not Linux.  Running in a terminal to capture output yields "Error while saving old state" while trying to open just about any number or name I can think of (including 0 and /dev/ttyS0), but the open method gives no indication that there is a problem; it returns a perfectly valid looking serial port with the #port set to whatever it was given.

Subsequent reads fail, and are probably a bit more honest about what is happening: "Error while reading: serial port is not open."  I am not sure whether that is always the case, but it certainly is on this machine when I try /dev/ttyUSB0, which does not exist here.

Any ideas?


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