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Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 09:14:14 UTC 2010

You can also ask in VM mailing list. I cc'ed them.

On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 4:52 AM, Jimmie Houchin <jlhouchin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry for the delay in reply. For some reason the first time I looked at
> your message in my newsreader (Thunderbird/GMane) the message was in French
> and written to someone else. Apparently the software did something strange.
> To answer your question. Yes. I tried this in both the standard vm and the
> standard Pharo 1.1 image.
> I start the vm/image with -memory: 1000
> and open a new Workspace, then copy the below memory settings and doit.
> I then do  a := Array new: 100000000.
> That seemingly succeeds but only takes me up to a little below 500mb ram.
> If I attempt to do another array of another 100,000,000 objects, I get the
> Low Space error.
> With the standard vm and image, it just sits there consuming cpu with
> simply doing the array initialization. I am on a quad core server with 6gm
> ram and it has currently consumed over 36 cpu minutes of one of the cores.
> At this point I quit the image. I could do things in the UI but it is not
> very responsive.
> In the Cog vm/image, the array creation returns almost immediately and
> waits for other instructions.
> As I write this I have to go back to Squeak 3.7.1vm and either the 3.8 or
> 3.10 image, for it to be successful. Outside of that I can't get past 500mb
> of ram. This server generally sits at only using 30% of ram.
> For enterprise/business endeavors, I thing Pharo really needs to be able to
> use all the memory the OS will allow it. I know that it being a 32 bit app
> does create some limits on some OSes. But neither of my Vista machines
> imposes a limit that I can't live with at the moment.
> Thanks for your reply. I am neither a vm nor Smalltalk expert so I don't
> know how to proceed from here outside of reducing my applications memory
> needs by putting more into the database and only having the data in memory
> that is absolutely necessary for the analysis I am attempting.
> Jimmie
> On 9/1/2010 4:48 AM, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
>> do you have the same problem with the normal VM?
>> On Sep 1, 2010, at 5:25 AM, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>> I am developing an application which processes and generates a large
>>> amount of data. In a recent attempt I encountered an Space is Low error.
>>> This is occurring in a Pharo 1.1 image using the latest Pharo and Cog
>>> VMs. I am opening the vm with the -memory: 1000 parameter.
>>> The below code I have applied the from the Squeak list from the 100
>>> Million Objects thread. But the problem occurs at about 500mb of ram on a
>>> computer with 3 (or 6) gb of ram, with only 65% of physical ram in use. The
>>> os is Vista.
>>> Any help in using more memory, as much as necessary for the app, would be
>>> greatly appreciated.
>>> initializeMemorySettings
>>> "Initialize the memory and GC settings to be more in line with QF
>>> requirements"
>>> "The following settings affect the rate incremental GCs and tenuring"
>>> "Limit incremental GC activity to run every 40k allocations"
>>>  SmalltalkImage current vmParameterAt: 5 put: 40000. "allocations between
>>> GCs (default: 4000)"
>>> "Limit tenuring threshold to only tenure w/>  10k survivors"
>>>  SmalltalkImage current vmParameterAt: 6 put: 10000. "tenuring threshold
>>> (default: 2000)"
>>> "These settings affect overall memory usage"
>>> "Only give memory back to the OS when we have more than 16MB free"
>>>  SmalltalkImage current vmParameterAt: 24 put: 16*1024*1024. "default
>>> 8MB"
>>> "Try to keep 8MB headroom at all times"
>>>  SmalltalkImage current vmParameterAt: 25 put: 8*1024*1024. "default 4MB"
>>> "These settings describe what to do when we're close to running out of
>>> free space"
>>> "Tell the VM that we'd rather grow than spinning in tight GC loops"
>>>  SmalltalkImage current gcBiasToGrow: true. "default: false"
>>>  "Tell the VM to do a fullGC for good measure if the above growth
>>> exceeded 16MB"
>>>  SmalltalkImage current gcBiasToGrowLimit: 16*1024*1024. "default: 0"
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jimmie Houchin
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