[Vm-dev] New Cog builds available: included Freetype plugin on macs by default

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 15:04:27 UTC 2011


i updated the ConfigurationOfCog and added verison 2.3 which now also
loads freetype plugin into vmmaker image.

I also made sure that plugin automatically builds on macs (no other
platforms yet) and included it by default into CMakeVMMaker configs.

There was some hiccups, i had to deal with:
The autoconf toolchain (or most probably the configuration scripts for
freetype library) don't like the spaces in path.
So i have to rename all jobs on Hudson to avoid using spaces (because
hudson creating a subdirectory for jobs with same name).

The renamed jobs are:

There is another idiosyncrasy: outdated toolchain for autoconf.
I had to install mac ports on slave server.
for details.

( i tested Carbon builds, now they are including FT2Plugin).

Esteban, could you please verify that it also works for Cocoa configs?
I changed configs to include FT2Plugin by default in Cocoa configs as
but i haven't tested builds.

So, currently following builds should contain FT2Plugin by default:


Freetype library are built from scratch by downloading library sources
directly from git repository (maybe its a bit too much, but it works).
See /unixbuild/FT2Plugin/makeFreetype.sh

this script is then used by cmake config to build libfreetype.a which
is statically linked with freetype plugin.

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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