[Vm-dev] [Cog] new builds available on hudson

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Tue Jul 12 17:51:06 UTC 2011

Igor Stasenko wrote:
> A new version includes support of rule 41 in BitBlt plugin,
> which makes a lot of difference when you using freetype.
> For downloading , follow one of these links:
> Cog VMs:
> https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Cog/job/Cog%20Unix/
> https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Cog/job/Cog-Mac-Carbon/
> https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Cog/job/Cog-Win32/
> Stack VMs:
> https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Cog/job/Stack%20VM%20Unix/
> https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Cog/job/StackVM-Mac-Carbon/
> https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Cog/job/StackWin32/
> Mac Cocoa builds will be updated once Esteban verify the build. :)

Hi Igor,

These Mac VMs don't run in OS X 10.5.8 (same issue Esteban worked on for 
the Cocoa VMs).

The Win VMs are about 5Mb in size, while all Win VMs I have used were 
about 1Mb in size. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make builds with a 
reduced set of plugins?

Juan Vuletich

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