[Vm-dev] Re: adding external plugins to Squeak 4.2 on the Mac

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Tue Jul 19 08:54:26 UTC 2011


     Eliot writes:

> How about a command-line argument that prints/answers a system
> attribute?  The system attributes are just strings, so they can be
> printed without loading an image etc.  It won't look as nice as myvm
> -printProxyversion, it'll look like myvm -sysattr 1010 -sysattr 1011,
> but it'll be general.

     Stefan responds:

> Since I am currently again frustrated with 'someone else system',
> please keep in mind that 'Sunday programmers' like me will understand
> -printProxyversion without needing to search for it on the internet,
> but sysattr 1011 is not directly useful, except if the command-line
> would also provide a mechanism to translate that code to something
> understandable.

     I think it can be totally obscure, as long as -help makes it all clear.

     thanks again,


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