[Vm-dev] CogVM/StackVM fail to read in image, fine on Squeak 4.2.1 MacVM

Stefan Marr squeak at stefan-marr.de
Thu Jul 21 15:10:01 UTC 2011

Hi Eliot:

On 19/07/11 19:38, Eliot Miranda wrote:
> Doh!  It's a one-relative/zero-relative thing.  lengthOf: returns the number of fields in a pointer object, but i is a zero-relative variable, so the loops need to read
> InstanceSpecificationIndex + 1 to: (objectMemory lengthOf: 
> classArrayClass) - 1 do:
> [:i|
> (objectMemory fetchPointer: i ofObject: classArrayClass) = 
> classArrayObj ifTrue:
> [thisClassIndex := i]].
> Thanks for finding this!
Thanks for fixing it! :)

Just tested you latest binary, and it works.


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