[Vm-dev] Re: You said you'd get back to me

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 11:01:33 UTC 2011


On Jun 1, 2011, at 2:35 AM, Stéphane Ducasse <stephane.ducasse at inria.fr> wrote:

> Dear Casey
>> So, are you done with whatever crap you had to do with the French military?
> This is not crap. Sorry but this is the security of our institute and its services.
> Non inria people cannot log on INRIA servers. This is the rule.  I forgot to let you know.

I paid respect to you and that at the time. You told me to wait, and I did, but I'm done waiting on you. You said you'd get back to me, but clearly I was not important enough to you for you to keep your word. 

>> Can I get started on CI for Squeak now?
> I do not think so because nobody from our team has the time for that. 

I kind of have to wonder if you didn't think you were posting on the Pharo list when you replied (I imagine, half awake) to my message to squeak-dev. 

I must have gotten confused and thought I should listen to you. 

>> Are you at liberty to explain why you chose to block my work over a local governmental issue that shouldn't concern the Squeak community or any of its efforts in the least?
> I think that your sentence above is a bit out of concern. 
> I did not block anything. Now why do you think that the squeak community could pretend anything on us?

You asked me to wait, and you're the president of ESUG or something, so I waited for you like a good dog. 

>> I'm not French and frankly I'm a bit livid that I've been waiting on you and the French government for this long: no government should ever stall open source work. 
> This is not the point.

What's the point then, sir? I'm dying to know what it is. 

>> I'm a bit confused by the month of silence I've gotten out of you.
> I have a life too and not doing pharo all the time. I have been promoted and I have a lot more duties. 

Oh, right you're busy. I think I mentioned quite a lot of respect for the work you're doing in my first messages to you: did you read them?

>> Aren't you the president of ESUG or something? Don't you have an obligation to unblock people in the Smalltalk community or does that responsibility only extend to Pharo in your mind?
> I really do not like the contents and implication of the sentence above. 
> I did probably more to squeak than you and from that I imagine that people should respect me. 
> I did more to Smalltalk than people over the last 10 years so if you do not realize that, think about it. 

I am not implying anything. I asked you a few pretty direct questions, and you're avoiding answering them in a very passive-aggressive way, which is kind of difficult to get behind. 

As far as your illustrious work with Smalltalk, are you referencing the crap traits implementation or the actual act of dividing our community in half? 

Alan Kay doesn't seem to have a hell of a lot of problems with answering my questions in a timely manner, and he isn't running ESUG, so at this point, after slogging through the harder, more rigorous route to an MIT license, I kind of have to wonder what your real problem actually is. 

>> Seriously, man, what the hell?
> Seriously I strongly suggest you not to insult me because I do not like that.

I'm not insulting you. I'm calling you out into the midway, sir. There's a difference. 

Come out and dance if you know how sir, elsewise get the hell off the stage. 

> Stef

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