[Vm-dev] Squeak Port for Android: Update

Dimitry Golubovsky golubovsky at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 17:35:23 UTC 2011


Phil wrote:

> Thanks for your efforts on this, working quite nicely (at least for the image I can get to run :-) on my Honeycomb tablet.  One question I do have: are you aware of any changes
> that need to be made to or things to watch out for when running other images?  I've tried about half a dozen images (pre- and post-Cog) but they all hang while loading resulting
> in a force close.  However, the image you provided based on the earlier work of Andreas, works as expected.

Thanks for the update. Can you post the tiny benchmark result as in
http://code.google.com/p/squeakvm-tablet/wiki/TinyBenchmark so I could
add it to the table?

It is good to hear that Android 3 can run it. I am not sure what can
be done with newer images: I tried some as well and got same results
(program hangs). Keep in mind that this is 3.9 VM.

> Also an FYI if you weren't already aware: the recently released NDKr5c appears to have finally addressed the issue that prevented building with the latest NDK.

I am trying to find time to play with recent Pharo, VMmaker and Cog
(Mariano Peck has a good review of the VM internals in his blog which
I am going to use as reference material) to do the same trick of
"turning the event loop inside out" as Andreas did to the classic VM
used in this port, and then to use ndk5, newer images, better platform
code management, etc. This may result in a more universal embeddable
Squeak VM.

I think that whatever was done with the original port has shown that
Squeak may be used on Android tablets pretty well. Next step is to get
in sync with the current VM sources.


Dimitry Golubovsky

Anywhere on the Web

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