[Vm-dev] [Pharo-project] #at:ifAbsent: for Array(s) could be faster

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 21:11:12 UTC 2011


How could we help there.

I would really like to sit with igor and do some stupid work on the VM. The best way to learn is to do something besides a master. So if this would be to help in addition I would 
really allocate time on my wonderfully exciting admin tasks granted by my status :)

> I agree.  I was going to brag that the Cog VM already has this implemented but the error code returned for a non-indexable receiver is wrong.  It should be #'bad receiver' but the prim always answers #'bad index'.  I'll fix this.  Primitive error codes and relevant usage in primitives still need to be ported to the standard VM though.


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