[Vm-dev] issues integrating Eliot latest version with cocoa

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 22:52:54 UTC 2011


Sorry guys, I need some help here :P

I'm finally taking the task of integrating latest changes from Eliot into my builds (and also, all jenkins builds)... I don't know anything about this, but I'm learning (consider this as a warning: my first integration cycles obviously will have problems)...
Well... right now I merged all the external sources in a way "it seems" to be ok, and I started merge VMMaker.oscog with VMMaker-oscog and it looked more or less straight forward making me suspect that I'm doing something wrong... but ok... I'm trying, isn't? so, let's break things :)
Anyway... once I merged the code, I started with a couple of issues: 

1) headers are being generated with __builtInfo[] which throws an annoying "duplicated definition" error... I suppose with some link flag or something I can skip this problem, but I'm lazy... anyone knows?

2) This is most important: LargeIntegersPlugins is being generated with an error, here: 

	over > 0
			["sum := sum growby: 1."
			interpreterProxy remapOop: sum in: [newSum := interpreterProxy instantiateClass: resClass indexableSize: longLen + 1].

it complains because as it is using interpreterProxy as receiver of #remapOop:in:, and it does not exists in the struct.
if I replace "interpreterProxy" with just "self" it looks like doing right and compiling... 
I think this is a bug introduced in LargeIntegersPlugin because of latest changes... but I'm not sure and maybe is because of my integration. 

welll... tweaking this two issues I'm compiling and opening an image... and pharo tests runs just like before... 


3) I have an error compiling FFI plugin:  it is generating a "halt" function which is already present (as macros). I don't know why it is being generated... I think that it shouldn't, but I don't know how to prevent that. 

If I can fix this (I touched some things in the code to test it), the integration seems to work (of course, I don't know if it *really* work). My masterplan is to have a first version working, then invite you to test it... then continue working, as always :)



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