[Vm-dev] How to build a standard Unix interpreter VM on Linux using a Squeak trunk image

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Mon Nov 21 16:02:16 UTC 2011

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 02:18:19PM +0100, stephane ducasse wrote:
> Hi david 
> Did you try the process that has been put in place by igor?
> And that is documented in the blogs of mariano?
> Why don't you use it?
> Is it a problem related to git?

Igor's work is great, and I encourage everyone to read Mariano's
blog. There is a lot of active VM work going on these days, and we
are fortunate to have people like Mariano taking the time to document
it, write blogs, and create videos to explain how things work.

My intention was just to document a working "recipe" for the build
procedure that I actually use when building a standard VM on my
own PC. The information all exists elsewhere, but sometimes it is
helpful to write it down step by step in a form that anyone can
easily follow.

> Because all the attendees of the presentations made by igor could compile their VM on their platform
> without problems. so I wonder why the community is not reusing this work.
> Is it because this is related to pharo?

No, I was simply documenting that steps that I actually use when
building an interpreter VM on my own PC.


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