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Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 21:46:58 UTC 2011

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 5:26 AM, Nick. <nick.lsts at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Mariano,
> Thanks for the advice.
> I want to update this post with the results of some tests I've been doing,
> so it's useful to anyone trying to run the simulator.
> I got stuck with an error I describe in the "About running
> StackInterpreterSimulator in Pharo" section.
> Hope someone could give me a clue on fixing that one :)
Wow Nick. Your experience is really really helpful.

> *Simulator in Squeak 2.6/2.7 is working*
> First of all, if all you need is a simulator for learning/experimenting
> purposes grab a Squeak 2.6 or 2.7 release (yes, /that/ old). The simulator
> works right out of the box in those ones. See
> http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/2465 for  instructions on how to archieve
> that.
> *About running StackInterpreterSimulator in Pharo*
> Taking Mariano's image as base (grab it here:
> https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/28513/Pharo-1.2.1.cog.zip) I
> found
> the following issues and fixed them:
> To begin, I saved a copy of the image to a new file named
> "simulated.image".
> Closed the image and reopened the first one.
> 1) First problem: "Error: basicNew: failed"
> Then, I evaluated the following from the original:
> (StackInterpreterSimulator new openOn: 'source.image') test.
> The error I've got is the one I described in my first post: "Error:
> basicNew: failled" for "ArrayClass>>new".
> Inspecting the stack trace I found that RootTableSize was an instance of
> UndefinedObject in ObjectMemory>>initialize.
> Taking a deeper look, it seemed that RootTableSize was setted in
> ObjectMemory>>initializeWithOptions, wich wasn't called from
> StackInterpreterSimulator>>initialize. Instead, ObjectMemory>>initialize
> was
> called, but that message didn't initialize RootTableSize.
> So, I replaced the call form objectMemoryClass initialize to
> objectMemoryClass initializeWithOptions: Dictionary new. to get
> RootTableSize initialized properly.
> 2) Second problem: same situation with MethodCacheSize
> Proceeding with StackInterpreterSimulator's execution, I came across a
> similar situation with MethodCacheSize in ArrayClass>>basicNew:.
> Following the same procedure as before, I found MethodCacheSize
> uninitialized, and setted it property replacing, in
> StackInterpreterSimulator>>initialize, the call from StackInterpreter
> initialize. to StackInterpreter initializeWithOptions: Dictionary new.
> 3) Third problem: missing method from UtilityClass
> Proceeding again, I came across an MNU saying that UtilityClass does not
> understands "informUser:during:" message. After a message selector search,
> I
> replaced the call (that was being done in
> StackInterpreterSimulator>>openOn:extraMemory:) with UIManager default
> informUser: (...) during: (...)
> 4) Fourth problem: "the receiver of / is nil"
> Originated from InterpreterStackPage>>headFP:. The cause was that
> LargeContextBytes was an instance of UndefinedObject.
> Once again, using the Method Finder (great tool!) I fixed the problem
> evaluating: InterpreterStackPage initialize. as said in that method's
> comment.

Can you put the exact code to initialize all this points of 1) 2) and 4) ?
I mean, can you provide the final script you had to use before being able to
do the
(StackInterpreterSimulator new openOn: 'source.image') test.

> 5) Fifth problem: Two MNUs in StackInterpreter
> Those came up: isContextNonInt:, generated from
> commonVariable:at:chacheIndex: and commonVaraible:at:put:cacheIndex:.
> I fixed those issues by replacing calls from self isContextNonInt: to self
> objectMemory isContextNonInt:.
> 6) Sixth problem: MNU in StackInterpreter
> The selector was isContextHeader: and it was used in
> StackInterpreter>>stObject:at:.
> I replaced calls from self isContextHeader: to self objectMemory
> isContextHeader:.

for 5) and 6) .. which version of VMMaker are you using?  because maybe this
was already fixed in new versions?

> 7) Seventh problem: primitive clone failed in CArrayAccesor.
> I fixes that by adding the clone message in CArrayAccessor as follows:
>    clone
>            <primitive: 148>
>        ^ self primitiveFailed
> 8) Lastly, restarting the simulation again I found that the desktop from
> the
> simulation image was beign rendered (Pharo logo, some Workpaces that were
> saved, etc.) and then this error came up: "primitive failed:
> setGCBiasToGrowGCLimit:".
> The thing is that the VM that hosts the simulated one didn't open the
> debugger on that halt, it was like the simulated image was frozen (I
> suppose, because that error was in the call stack of
> snapshot:andQuit:embedded:).
> And here is when I wanted to ask you for some help guys, as I couldn't
> debug
> the host machine to invesitgate the cause and fix the problem.
> Do you have any clue/idea to detect the cause/fix this issue?
No, I have no idea :(
but maybe someone does.

> *FileOut of the changes described*
> http://forum.world.st/file/n3900467/ChangesSoFarToMakeSimulatorWorkInPharo-1.2.1.zip
> ChangesSoFarToMakeSimulatorWorkInPharo-1.2.1.zip
Excellent!   At the end you can also provide an image (that mine) with those
changes + a workspace with all the needed initialize code and the snippet to
start the simulator.


> Cheers and thanks in advance!
> Nick
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