[Vm-dev] Re: Direct object pointers vs indirect ones pros and cons

Javier Burroni javier.burroni at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 21:10:30 UTC 2011

> yes, but then i will ask you to compare results with JIT optimized for
> direct pointers.. :)
>> We have:
>> accessing ivar: no extra cost
>> method lookup:
>> one extra indirection
>> sends with MonomorphicInlineCache:
>> no extra cost if implemented in an instance basis (checking against selfID).
> hmm.. that doesn't makes inline cache to be effective.
> usually many different objects are passing via single call site but
> they having same class, this is where monomophic IC shines.
> if you change the cache to work on per-instance basis, i think it will
> make it less effective because of too much misses.
but you can have the two of them.
In the jited prologue you may have something like:

mov [objectTable + selfID], self
cmp   [self -4], nativizedClass
jz     endOfPrologue   // patching code must be added here
jmp looupAndJIT
cmp selfID, nativizedSelfID        <- entry point
jnz cmpClass
mov nativizedSelf, self

you add (mainly) an extra memory access, if the branch predictor helps

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