[Vm-dev] I don't understand the GC root table

Stefan Marr squeak at stefan-marr.de
Mon Sep 26 12:06:26 UTC 2011


On 26 Sep 2011, at 13:22, Andreas Raab wrote:

> The rootTable is used during incremental GC. Its contents are those objects in old space that are roots for objects in new space (see ObjectMemory>>beRootIfOld:). It has nothing to do with the (global) roots of the interpreter; in fact the root table is cleared right at the beginning of fullGC (see senders of #clearRootsTable). The global roots are explicitly enumerated in Interpreter>>markAndTraceInterpreterOops.

Not sure whether it is worthwhile to change such details, but I belief the standard terminology would be 'remembered set'. At least that is the typical name for recorded references between different object sets maintained separately, AFAIK.

And it could avoid confusion.

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