[Vm-dev] Tips to create a plugin with specific platform dependant stuff

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 15:55:44 UTC 2012

Was playing in my weekend on the InternetConfigPlugin for ubuntu.  And
that's the problem :), It uses gnome2 stuff to access the system
configuration (because gnome handles it's own configuration... :/).

Now, I made it work doing something like this in vmmaker:

CogFamilyUnixConfig>>configureInternetConfigPlugin: maker
    "extra rules for InternetConfigPlugin"

    super configureInternetConfigPlugin: maker.
    maker addDefinitions: '`pkg-config --libs --cflags gtk+-2.0 gconf-2.0`'.
    maker addExternalLibrary: '/usr/lib/libgconf-2.so.4'.
    maker addPlatformSources: #( 'sqUnixInternetConfiguration.c').

And adding it in the list of internal plugins for Unix.

But this should only compile and work on a system with gconf and stuff
installed :).

So, how does or should vmmaker and vm building process handle something
like this?

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