[Vm-dev] Squeak written in other languages (was: Cannot checkout from svn anymore)

Jeremy Kajikawa jeremy.kajikawa at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 18:27:10 UTC 2012

Not so worried about anything more than a cSmalltalkVM implementation.

I won't be able to permit the Smalltalk implimentation to Edit the VM
shell module itself.

I'm writing this for Amiga OS 4.x and have to do so blind about the
Smalltalk language itself.

You have seen me on the OpenCobalt discussion group as ジェレミー on
occasions when staying with BrickViking.

Inside the Smalltalk VM is still a black box and without being able to
relate to the terms I already know the whole "Blue Book" reference may
as well be written in Chinese and being presented as Japanese for
readability of the English content as read in English by me.

It is about that helpful in my attempts at reading it as my style of
reading is more hunting for direct references I can use.

I've also explained my never using printf or the standard C library
despite actually learning the C language first by teaching myself.

I'm using the same techniques where I managed to get a benchmark
result between 16MHz and 20MHz when Interpreting an 80486DX processor
on a 68040 processor based Amiga A4000 in writing this VM

yes I managed to get a 32bit 68040 to Emulate a 32bit 80486 with FPU
operations at a reasonable speed.

I would like to do the same with Smalltalk operations if at all possible.

Starting with the opcode values themselves,  then how any data is
formatted around them. followed up by what each opcode will modify.

if possible to have the above described in some kind of classical
sense similar to C or C++

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