[Vm-dev] Class checks in the vm

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 19:54:10 UTC 2012

> I'm not uncalm :)  I just get frustrated with these performance arguments, having a coherent vision for better performance and having failed to make satisfactory progress.  The better object representation followed by more machine-code primitives step will get another factor of 2 and result in a simpler VM (immediate characters for example).  Speculative inlining/adaiptive optimizing in Smalltalk will get another factor of 3.  But I'm not paid to work on these things.  And I find having discussions about small points like this adds to my frustration because they're not getting us very far and I feel I'm wasting my breath.  Sorry...

I imagine that quite well. 
Now the only thing that we can do are:
	- get pharo hyper sexy
	- build a powerful community (some people still did not get what we want to do: blossoming business)
	- get smart guys payed for what they are good at.

What guillermo and ben are doing around the bootstrap is part of step 1 :).

So any step in making the VM code cleaner is also important (unrelated to the question of guillermo) 
because it will help making point 1 and 2.


PS: I applied another time to get a cool grant but I will probably miss it again this year.

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