[Vm-dev] [GdbARMPlugin]

Lars lars.wassermann at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 18 12:23:36 UTC 2012

Hello Mailinglist,

this week, I created the Makefile.in for Unix and redid the building 
process on Windows, adding a HowToBuild to the repository. If you want, 
you can find the files on Github 
I tried building on Ubuntu 32bit and Windows 7 64bit with 32bit Mingw/MSYS.
I didn't manage to build the normal VM on Ubuntu 64bit, so I stopped 
trying building the plugin.
I have no Mac, so I could't try building on Mac. But given the 
similarities between Unix and Mac, I hope the build process is similar.

In order to test for success, run the GdbARMProcessorTest tests from the 
Cog package.
Good luck,

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