[Vm-dev] [CogVM-blessed] -headless stopped working

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 15:29:35 UTC 2012

Hi Stefan,

do you know if it ever worked? (on cocoa builds)
because I'm looking at that code and it looks like never was there... 


El 30/12/2011, a las 6:06p.m., Stefan Marr escribió:

> Hi Esteban:
> I just downloaded a Cog-Mac-Cocoa-blessed from: https://ci.lille.inria.fr/pharo/job/Cog-Mac-Cocoa-blessed/
> It tells me, it is currently 19days old.
> And it ignores the -headless parameter.
> The old VM I used so far is from Jul 6th and does execute headless without problems.
> I did not find the mail on the list that was naming the primitives to get more version infos out of the VMs, sorry.
> The latest StackVM also got that problem, but it works with the version from July.
> Is there actually something like -version on the command line to ask for the exact version infos?
> I checked -help, which also offers a lot less info then it used to. It still mentions -headless, but misses the options below.
> Best regards
> Stefan
> Missing help for commandline options:
> -breaksel selector    set breakpoint on send of selector
> -eden <size>[mk]      set eden memory to bytes
> -leakcheck num        check for leaks in the heap
> -stackpages num       use n stack pages
> -codesize <size>[mk]  set machine code memory to bytes
> -sendtrace[=num]      enable send tracing (optionally to a specific value)
> -tracestores          enable store tracing (assert check stores)
> -cogmaxlits <n>       set max number of literals for methods compiled to machine code
> -cogminjumps <n>      set min number of backward jumps for interpreted methods to be considered for compilation to machine code
> -pathenc <enc>        set encoding for pathnames (default: macintosh)
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