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Hi Lars:

On 25 Jul 2012, at 00:16, Lars wrote:

> at the moment I'm fleshing out the ARM Compiler. Last week in my mentor meeting, we decided that it would be ok to ask any questions I have here. These questions might not be of much interest for anybody but Eliot, because they are quite specific about the internals of Cog.
Well, I find it interesting as well :)

> When trying to fill in genSaveRegisters, I noticed that there is no genLoadRegisters. Where are the registers saved in that method loaded again? Also, I don't know what trampolines are. The term has too many meanings to find anything useful using google. And cog-related, there is only the article "An Arranged Marriage". In that, an understanding seems required. Do you have any more sources where I can read about trampolines? Or can point to the paragraph where they are explained?

Normally, I would assume Eliot refers to Lisp style trampolines.
See http://stackoverflow.com/a/489860/916546 for some explanation.

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