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Wed Jul 25 18:29:00 UTC 2012

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-eem.190
Author: eem
Time: 25 July 2012, 11:26:29.952 am
UUID: 9184763d-c605-432b-b73e-8a3029eca4c8
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-lw.189

Document RTL opcode condition code assumptions.
Remove obsolete genWriteCResultIntoReg:.
Rewrite runAddCqR: to eliminate numberOfStepsIn:.

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-lw.189 ===============

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: AbstractInstructionTests>>numberOfStepsIn: (in category 'running') -----
- numberOfStepsIn: machineCodeSize
- 	self subclassResponsibility!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: AbstractInstructionTests>>runAddCqR: (in category 'running') -----
  runAddCqR: assertPrintBar
  	"self defaultTester runAddCqR: true"
  	"self defaultTester runAddCqR: false"
  	| memory |
  	memory := ByteArray new: 20.
  	self concreteCompilerClass dataRegistersWithAccessorsDo:
  		[:reg :rgetter :rsetter|
  		self pairs: (-2 to: 2)  do:
  			[:a :b| | inst len bogus |
  			inst := self gen: AddCqR operand: a operand: reg.
  			len := inst concretizeAt: 0.
  			memory replaceFrom: 1 to: len with: inst machineCode object startingAt: 1.
  			self processor
  				perform: rsetter with: b signedIntToLong.
+ 			[[processor pc < len] whileTrue:
+ 				[self processor singleStepIn: memory]]
+ 				on: Error
+ 				do: [:ex| ].
- 			(self numberOfStepsIn: inst machineCodeSize) 
- 				timesRepeat: [self processor singleStepIn: memory].
  			"self processor printRegistersOn: Transcript.
  			 Transcript show: (self processor disassembleInstructionAt: 0 In: memory); cr"
  				ifTrue: [self assert: processor pc = inst machineCodeSize.
  						self assertCheckQuickArithOpCodeSize: inst machineCodeSize]
  				ifFalse: [bogus := processor pc ~= inst machineCodeSize].
  			self concreteCompilerClass dataRegistersWithAccessorsDo:
  				[:ireg :getter :setter| | expected |
  				expected := getter == rgetter ifTrue: [a + b] ifFalse: [0].
  					ifTrue: [self assert: (self processor perform: getter) signedIntFromLong = expected]
  						[(self processor perform: getter) signedIntFromLong ~= expected ifTrue:
  							[bogus := true]]].
  				assertPrintBar ifFalse:
  						nextPutAll: rgetter; nextPut: $(; print: b; nextPutAll: ') + '; print: a; nextPutAll: ' = ';
  						print: (self processor perform: rgetter) signedIntFromLong; cr; flush.
  					 bogus ifTrue:
  						[self processor printRegistersOn: Transcript.
  						 Transcript show: (self processor disassembleInstructionAt: 0 In: memory); cr]]]]!

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: CogARMCompilerTests>>numberOfStepsIn: (in category 'running') -----
- numberOfStepsIn: aSize
- 	^ aSize // 4!

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: CogIA32Compiler>>genWriteCResultIntoReg: (in category 'abi') -----
- genWriteCResultIntoReg: abstractRegister
- 	(self concreteRegister: abstractRegister) ~= EAX ifTrue:
- 		[cogit gen: MoveRR operand: EAX operand: abstractRegister]!

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: CogIA32CompilerTests>>numberOfStepsIn: (in category 'running') -----
- numberOfStepsIn: aSize
- 	^1!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CogRTLOpcodes class>>initialize (in category 'class initialization') -----
  	"Abstract opcodes are a compound of a one word operation specifier and zero or more operand type specifiers.
  	 e.g. MoveRR is the Move opcode with two register operand specifiers and defines a move register to
  	 register instruction from operand 0 to operand 1.  The operand specifiers are
  		R - general purpose register
  		Rd - double-precision floating-point register
  		Cq  - a quick constant that can be encoded in the minimum space possible.
  		Cw - a constant with word size where word is the default operand size for the Smalltalk VM, 32-bits
  			 for a 32-bit VM, 64-bits for a 64-bit VM.  The generated constant must occupy the default number
  			 of bits.  This allows e.g. a garbage collector to update the value without invalidating the code.
  		C32 - a constant with 32 bit size.  The generated constant must occupy 32 bits.
  		C64 - a constant with 64 bit size.  The generated constant must occupy 64 bits.
  		Aw    - memory word with an absolute address
  		Ab    - memory byte with an absolute address
  		Mwr  - memory word whose address is at a constant offset from an address in a register
  		Mbr  - memory byte whose address is at a constant offset from an address in a register
  		M16r  - memory 16-bit halfword whose address is at a constant offset from an address in a register
  		M64r  - memory 64-bit doubleword whose address is at a constant offset from an address in a register
  		XbrR- memory word whose address is r * byte size away from an address in a register
  		X16rR- memory word whose address is r * (2 bytes size) away from an address in a register
  		XwrR- memory word whose address is r * word size away from an address in a register
  	An alternative would be to decouple opcodes from operands, e.g.
  		Move := 1. Add := 2. Sub := 3...
  		RegisterOperand := 1. ConstantQuickOperand := 2. ConstantWordOperand := 3...
  	But not all combinations make sense and even fewer are used so we stick with the simple compound approach.
+ 	The assumption is that comparison and arithmetic instructions set condition codes and that move instrucions
+ 	leave the condition codes unaffected.  In particular LoadEffectiveAddressMwrR does not set condition codes
+ 	although it can be used to do arithmetic.
- 	Note that there are no generic division instructions defined."
+ 	Note that there are no generic division instructions defined, but a processor may define some."
  	"CogRTLOpcodes initialize.
  	 CogAbstractInstruction allSubclasses do: [:sc| sc initialize]"
  	| opcodeNames refs |
  	FPReg := -1.
  	SPReg := -2.
  	ReceiverResultReg := GPRegMax := -3.
  	TempReg := -4.
  	ClassReg := -5.
  	SendNumArgsReg := -6.
  	Arg0Reg := -7.
  	Arg1Reg := GPRegMin := -8.
  	DPFPReg0 := -9.
  	DPFPReg1 := -10.
  	DPFPReg2 := -11.
  	DPFPReg3 := -12.
  	DPFPReg4 := -13.
  	DPFPReg5 := -14.
  	DPFPReg6 := -15.
  	DPFPReg7 := -16.
  	opcodeNames := #("Noops & Pseudo Ops"
  						FillBytesFrom	"output operand 0's worth of bytes from the address in operand 1"
  						Fill8				"output a byte's worth of bytes with operand 0"
  						Fill16			"output two byte's worth of bytes with operand 0"
  						Fill32			"output four byte's worth of bytes with operand 0"
  						FillFromWord	"output BytesPerWord's worth of bytes with operand 0 + operand 1"
  						JumpR				"Not a regular jump, i.e. not pc dependent."
  						"N.B.  Jumps are contiguous.  Long jumps are contigiuous within them.  See FirstJump et al below"
  						JumpLongZero		"a.k.a. JumpLongEqual"
  						JumpLongNonZero	"a.k.a. JumpLongNotEqual"
  						JumpZero			"a.k.a. JumpEqual"
  						JumpNonZero		"a.k.a. JumpNotEqual"
  						JumpLess			"signed"
  						JumpBelow			"unsigned"
  						"Data Movement; destination is always last operand"
  						MoveMwrR MoveRMwr MoveXwrRR MoveRXwrR
  						MoveM16rR MoveRM16r MoveX16rRR MoveRX16rR
  						MoveMbrR MoveRMbr MoveXbrRR MoveRXbrR
  						MoveCqR MoveCwR MoveC32R MoveC64R
  						MoveRdRd MoveM64rRd MoveRdM64r
  						PopR PushR PushCw
  						"Arithmetic; destination is always last operand except Cmp; CmpXR is SubRX with no update of result"
  						LoadEffectiveAddressMwrR "A variant of add"
+ 						NegateR "2's complement negation"
- 						NegateR
  						ArithmeticShiftRightCqR ArithmeticShiftRightRR
  						LogicalShiftRightCqR LogicalShiftRightRR
  						LogicalShiftLeftCqR LogicalShiftLeftRR
  						CmpRR AddRR SubRR AndRR OrRR XorRR MulRR
  						CmpCqR AddCqR SubCqR AndCqR OrCqR XorCqR MulCqR
  						CmpCwR AddCwR SubCwR AndCwR OrCwR XorCwR MulCwR
  						CmpRdRd AddRdRd SubRdRd MulRdRd DivRdRd SqrtRd
  	refs := (thisContext method literals select: [:l| l isVariableBinding and: [classPool includesKey: l key]]) collect:
  				[:ea| ea key].
  	(classPool keys reject: [:k| (opcodeNames includes: k) or: [refs includes: k]]) do:
  		Undeclared declare: k from: classPool].
  	opcodeNames withIndexDo:
  		[:classVarName :value|
  		self classPool
  			declare: classVarName from: Undeclared;
  			at: classVarName put: value].
  	FirstJump := JumpLong.
  	LastJump := JumpFPUnordered.
  	FirstShortJump := Jump!

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