[Vm-dev] New Research Group would like to participate from MUM in Iowa

Mohammed Farrag mfarrag at cs.mum.edu
Tue Mar 6 23:06:24 UTC 2012

Dear developers,

    We are a new parallel programming research group in Maharishi
University of Management and we would like to take a step in ly programming
language development. From our perspective, we believe that
Non-deterministic programming languages have a great future in the next few
years so we would like to participate and share our knowledge with yours to
come up with long steps in that field (possibly a paper will be published
for the work achieved in this research and technically reviewed by Bruce P.
Lester, author of "The Art of Parallel Programming" book). We have a few
questions; some of them to emphasize our thoughts and the rest we are
asking because we didn't find appropriate answers for them. Please accept
our apologies for some trivial questions because we are at the "very first
beginning steps" in Ly.

  First, here's our system specification
    I7 Quad core, 16 GB
    3 units of 300 GB – Raid 5 for Data

    1 Unit of 300 GB – Primary HDD for OS
    Two NIC cards
    Notes: 1.  RAM – DDR3 1333
               2.  Processor – i7 2.67 GHz

 Are these specification will be appropriate for our research? Note that
the university won't be able to buy 16core system now for financial
reasons. In this case, What's the most appropriate Operating System which
provides good tools to write, compile and debug our code?. Second, Our
group already read "Harnessing emergence for manycore programming: early
experience integrating ensembles, adverbs, and object-based inheritance"
and it provides nice background about ly so our next step is to pick a book
which describes the ly syntax. We will be glad if you could provide us good
tutorials about Ly. Finally, We would like to know about the current
progress to avoid the duplicates and conflicts so we will be glad if you
mention the status of your development so we can catch up a new branch to
extend the capabilities of this language.


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