[Vm-dev] Issue 106 in cog: Bit-rot in NOMS>>#sqGrowMemory:By: and IS>>#ioUTCMicrosecondsNow

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Fri Nov 9 13:12:41 UTC 2012

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New issue 106 by stm... at gmail.com: Bit-rot in NOMS>>#sqGrowMemory:By: and  

In InterpreterSimulator the method #ioUTCMicrosecondsNow is missing.
I just added this:

  "STEFAN: not entierly sure what to do with this... but the method is  

  ^ Time millisecondClockValue

In the NewObjectMemorySimulator>>#sqGrowMemory:By:, there is a reference to  
coInterpreter which receives are #memory: message. However in the new  
hierarchy, where the interpreter is not an ObjectMemory anymore, that  
message is not implemented.

So, I removed it...

Not sure whether either of these solutions is appropriate, but would be  
good to get the problems fixed and have the simulators usable.

	more-bit-rot.1.cs  857 bytes

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