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Sat Nov 17 22:10:07 UTC 2012

Lars Wassermann uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-lw.211
Author: lw
Time: 17 November 2012, 11:08:11.256 pm
UUID: bd23351a-d76f-984a-8c13-4a102aedb17d
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-lw.210

fixed a bug in the VMSimulator:
breakCount can now be used

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-lw.210 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CogVMSimulator>>utilitiesMenu: (in category 'UI') -----
  utilitiesMenu: aMenuMorph
  		add: 'toggle transcript' action: #toggleTranscript;
  		add: 'print ext head frame' action: #printExternalHeadFrame;
  		add: 'print int head frame' action: #printHeadFrame;
  		add: 'print mc/cog frame' action: [self printFrame: cogit processor fp WithSP: cogit processor sp];
  		add: 'short print ext frame & callers' action: [self shortPrintFrameAndCallers: framePointer];
  		add: 'short print int frame & callers' action: [self shortPrintFrameAndCallers: localFP];
  		add: 'short print mc/cog frame & callers' action: [self shortPrintFrameAndCallers: cogit processor fp];
  		add: 'long print ext frame & callers' action: [self printFrameAndCallers: framePointer SP: stackPointer];
  		add: 'long print int frame & callers' action: [self printFrameAndCallers: localFP SP: localSP];
  		add: 'long print mc/cog frame & callers' action: [self printFrameAndCallers: cogit processor fp SP: cogit processor sp];
  		add: 'print frame...' action: [(self promptHex: 'print frame') ifNotNil: [:fp| self printFrame: fp]];
  		add: 'print call stack' action: #printCallStack;
  		add: 'print all stacks' action: #printAllStacks;
  		add: 'print registers' action: [cogit processor printRegistersOn: transcript];
  		add: 'disassemble method/trampoline...' action: [(self promptHex: 'pc') ifNotNil: [:pc| cogit disassembleCodeAt: pc]];
  		add: 'disassemble method/trampoline at pc' action: [cogit disassembleCodeAt: cogit processor pc];
  		add: 'print oop...' action: [(self promptHex: 'print oop') ifNotNil: [:oop| self printOop: oop]];
  		add: 'inspect object memory' target: objectMemory action: #inspect;
  		add: 'inspect cointerpreter' action: #inspect;
  		add: 'inspect cogit' target: cogit action: #inspect;
  		add: 'inspect method zone' target: cogit methodZone action: #inspect.
  	self isThreadedVM ifTrue:
  		[aMenuMorph add: 'inspect thread manager' target: self threadManager action: #inspect].
  		add: 'print cog methods' target: cogMethodZone action: #printCogMethods;
  		add: 'print trampoline table' target: cogit action: #printTrampolineTable;
  		add: 'report recent instructions' target: cogit action: #reportLastNInstructions;
  		add: 'set break pc...' action: [(self promptHex: 'break pc') ifNotNil: [:bpc| cogit breakPC: bpc]];
  		add: (cogit singleStep
  				ifTrue: ['no single step']
  				ifFalse: ['single step'])
  			action: [cogit singleStep: cogit singleStep not];
  		add: (cogit printRegisters
  				ifTrue: ['no print registers each instruction']
  				ifFalse: ['print registers each instruction'])
  			action: [cogit printRegisters: cogit printRegisters not];
  		add: (cogit printInstructions
  				ifTrue: ['no print instructions each instruction']
  				ifFalse: ['print instructions each instruction'])
  			action: [cogit printInstructions: cogit printInstructions not];
+ 		add: 'set break count...' action: [|s| s := UIManager default request: 'break count (dec)'.
+ 											s notEmpty ifTrue: [breakCount := Integer readFrom: s readStream]];
- 		add: 'set break count...' action: #setBreakCount;
  		add: 'set break selector...' action: [|s| s := UIManager default request: 'break selector'.
  											s notEmpty ifTrue: [self setBreakSelector: s]];
  		add: (printBytecodeAtEachStep
  				ifTrue: ['no print bytecode each bytecode']
  				ifFalse: ['print bytecode each bytecode'])
  			action: [self ensureDebugAtEachStepBlock.
  					printBytecodeAtEachStep := printBytecodeAtEachStep not];
  		add: (printFrameAtEachStep
  				ifTrue: ['no print frame each bytecode']
  				ifFalse: ['print frame each bytecode'])
  			action: [self ensureDebugAtEachStepBlock.
  					printFrameAtEachStep := printFrameAtEachStep not].

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