[Vm-dev] Issue 109 in cog: CogVM crashes with simple code

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Fri Nov 30 18:57:26 UTC 2012

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New issue 109 by jonkande... at gmail.com: CogVM crashes with simple code

Below are a few lines of code that crashes the CogVM on both
Linux and Windows.  File-in the Smalltalk code below, then evaluate
[nil crashCogVM].  The code uses [1-1] but it could use [1+1] or
[56+98].  I put the code on nil, but that is not important either.  I
think the important thing is that the primitive (+ or -) is evaluated
but the result is not assigned into any variable.  Also important is
that the code is put into a loop that I assume has been JIT optimized.
The image I used is Pharo 1.4 one-click with latest update #14459.
This code does not crash StackVM.

!UndefinedObject methodsFor: 'crash' stamp: 'JonKAnderson 11/29/2012 17:26'!
         " Evaluate [
                 nil crashCogVM ]"

         | i |
         i := 20.
         1 to: i do: [:d | 1-1 ]
! !

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