[Vm-dev] Issue 99 in cog: Link LZ4 Compression

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 18:55:56 UTC 2012

> So I'm right in that the project is not public/not open source at the moment, otherwise I'm sure you would have given a link to it already or at least more information about it.

It is look for Nabujito either on github or smalltalkhub.
And everything that camillo is doing is public and open-source.

> Experiments are great, but you should keep the changes local before you finish it.
> LZ4 is not a general purpose compression algorithm, because it's compression ratio is low. It's designed for realtime compression.

> The SSL plugin should be external, so it doesn't add anything to the VM
> binary unless you use SSL from your image.
> r
> What I really wanted to point out is that you should show us the benefits of your proposal, before adding it to the VM.

Yes this is what we traditionally do. For example Fuel is the result of a real experience that shows us that (against what I thought) 
imagesegment was not worth.

> Levente

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