DisplayForm bits to OSX pixels (was Re: [Vm-dev] Re: [Pharo-project] Mariano's VM-building instructions don't seem to work)

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 17:58:43 UTC 2012

On 12-10-19 12:55 PM, Esteban Lorenzano wrote:
> Hi Craig,
> the macosx build is not supported since a lot, as you said in your post, it relies in deprecated functions (many of them now removed). I'm maintaining the Cocoa ones (which still have some problems, but at least they use non deprecated APIs).
> Instead trying to build the MacOS configuration, you need to use: CogCocoaIOSConfig
> best,
> Esteban
Since you're talking about the OSX build, I wonder if I could ask a 

I see that Marcel Weiher's Clut is still in SqueakPureObjc.xcodeproj. 
I've been looking at his CocoaSqueak and am trying to see the path that 
bits for the DisplayForm travel to the screen.

Bits from the DisplayForm go to the Clut and then to NSBitmapImageRep 
and then to the CGContext, which puts them on the NSWindow.

Is that close?  Any hints on this topic would help me a great deal.


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