[Vm-dev] Re: [Pharo-project] [UPD] New VMs available.

Camillo Bruni camillobruni at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 09:41:03 UTC 2012

>> Well, developers can always build these libs by themselves. But users can't :)
>> I don't think that the number of 3rd-party libs will explode that you
>> will need to focus on making things easy (as you proposed).
>> There are two reasons why someone would like to bundle thirdparty
>> library with VM:
>>  - no 'official' binary available (like with cairo on windows) , or
>> you need to build it with custom settings.
> Ahh...  I mis-understood slightly.  I was replying in pharo-project and thinking about community contributions to the Configuration Browser.   I thought I had seen some talk of putting those through continuous integration testing and was thinking in case that turned out to require lots of cpu time, then farming it out to interested members of the community might help.   At the Smalltalk level it might work to distribute only a Linux appliance doing a highly repetitive first pass, from which successes proceed with other platform testing on the central servers.

Definitely an important missing task!
With the current setup (build scripts and images) we could easily use travis-ci


the only part missing are some additional helper scripts to deploy the jobs.
With the following lines your almost done.

wget --quiet -qO - http://pharo.gforge.inria.fr/ci/ciPharo20NBCog.sh | bash

./vm.sh Pharo.image save $JOB_NAME

./vm.sh $JOB_NAME.image config $REPO ConfigurationOfMate --install=last
./vm.sh $JOB_NAME.image test --junit-xml-output "Mate-.*"

so if you have some excess energy looking into having all configurations
tested would be quite nice!

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