[Vm-dev] Issue 126 in cog: Too many absolute paths used in CMake files

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Wed Apr 17 16:46:21 UTC 2013

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New issue 126 by damien.c... at gmail.com: Too many absolute paths used in  
CMake files

In many CMake files, there are absolute paths that prevents compiling on a  
different computer than the one used to generate the sources. For example,  
build/CMakeLists.txt has something like:

set(EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH "/builds/workspace/PharoVM/Architecture/32/Slave/vm-builder-linux/cog/results")

It looks like one can easily use CMake variables to get the same result:


As a result, I have to maintain a patch to let me build pharo-vm for  
Ubuntu. This patch is at  

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