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Fri Dec 6 21:51:41 UTC 2013

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-eem.540
Author: eem
Time: 6 December 2013, 1:48:51.024 pm
UUID: dad5722f-20ac-4d1a-af92-4bad5cf49199
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-eem.539

Fix setting of endOfMemory on load in SqueakV3 VMs.

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-eem.539 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CoInterpreter>>readImageFromFile:HeapSize:StartingAt: (in category 'image save/restore') -----
  readImageFromFile: f HeapSize: desiredHeapSize StartingAt: imageOffset
  	"Read an image from the given file stream, allocating the given amount of memory to its object heap. Fail if the image has an unknown format or requires more than the given amount of memory."
  	"Details: This method detects when the image was stored on a machine with the opposite byte ordering from this machine and swaps the bytes automatically. Furthermore, it allows the header information to start 512 bytes into the file, since some file transfer programs for the Macintosh apparently prepend a Mac-specific header of this size. Note that this same 512 bytes of prefix area could also be used to store an exec command on Unix systems, allowing one to launch Smalltalk by invoking the image name as a command."
  	"This code is based on C code by Ian Piumarta and Smalltalk code by Tim Rowledge. Many thanks to both of you!!!!"
  	| swapBytes headerStart headerSize dataSize oldBaseAddr
  	  minimumMemory heapSize bytesRead bytesToShift firstSegSize
  	  hdrNumStackPages hdrEdenBytes hdrCogCodeSize headerFlags hdrMaxExtSemTabSize |
  	<var: #f type: #sqImageFile>
  	<var: #dataSize type: #'size_t'>
  	<var: #desiredHeapSize type: #usqInt>
  	<var: #headerStart type: #squeakFileOffsetType>
  	<var: #imageOffset type: #squeakFileOffsetType>
  	metaclassNumSlots := 6.	"guess Metaclass instSize"
  	classNameIndex := 6.		"guess (Class instVarIndexFor: 'name' ifAbsent: []) - 1"
  	swapBytes := self checkImageVersionFrom: f startingAt: imageOffset.
  	headerStart := (self sqImageFilePosition: f) - BytesPerWord.  "record header start position"
  	headerSize			:= self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	dataSize			:= self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	oldBaseAddr		:= self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	objectMemory specialObjectsOop: (self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes).
  	objectMemory lastHash: (self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes). "N.B.  not used."
  	savedWindowSize	:= self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	headerFlags			:= self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	self setImageHeaderFlagsFrom: headerFlags.
  	extraVMMemory		:= self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes. "N.B.  not used."
  	hdrNumStackPages	:= self getShortFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	"4 stack pages is small.  Should be able to run with as few as
  	 three. 4 should be comfortable but slow.  8 is a reasonable
  	 default.  Can be changed via vmParameterAt: 43 put: n.
  	 Can be set as a preference (Info.plist, VM.ini, command line etc).
  	 If desiredNumStackPages is already non-zero then it has been
  	 set as a preference.  Ignore (but preserve) the header's default."
  	numStackPages := desiredNumStackPages ~= 0
  						ifTrue: [desiredNumStackPages]
  						ifFalse: [hdrNumStackPages = 0
  									ifTrue: [self defaultNumStackPages]
  									ifFalse: [hdrNumStackPages]].
  	desiredNumStackPages := hdrNumStackPages.
  	"This slot holds the size of the native method zone in 1k units. (pad to word boundary)."
  	hdrCogCodeSize := (self getShortFromFile: f swap: swapBytes) * 1024.
  	cogCodeSize := desiredCogCodeSize ~= 0
  						ifTrue: [desiredCogCodeSize]
  							[hdrCogCodeSize = 0
  									ifTrue: [self defaultCogCodeSize]
  									ifFalse: [hdrCogCodeSize]].
  	hdrEdenBytes		:= self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	objectMemory edenBytes: (desiredEdenBytes ~= 0
  						ifTrue: [desiredEdenBytes]
  							[hdrEdenBytes = 0
  									ifTrue: [objectMemory defaultEdenBytes]
  									ifFalse: [hdrEdenBytes]]).
  	desiredEdenBytes := hdrEdenBytes.
  	hdrMaxExtSemTabSize := self getShortFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	hdrMaxExtSemTabSize ~= 0 ifTrue:
  		[self setMaxExtSemSizeTo: hdrMaxExtSemTabSize].
  	"pad to word boundary.  This slot can be used for anything else that will fit in 16 bits.
  	 Preserve it to be polite to other VMs."
  	the2ndUnknownShort	:= self getShortFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	firstSegSize := self getLongFromFile: f swap: swapBytes.
  	objectMemory firstSegmentSize: firstSegSize.
  	"compare memory requirements with availability"
  	minimumMemory := cogCodeSize "no need to include the stackZone; this is alloca'ed"
  						+ dataSize
  						+ objectMemory newSpaceBytes
  						+ self interpreterAllocationReserveBytes.
  	heapSize             :=  cogCodeSize "no need to include the stackZone; this is alloca'ed"
  						+ desiredHeapSize
  						"+ edenBytes" "don't include edenBytes; this is part of the heap and so part of desiredHeapSize"
  						+ self interpreterAllocationReserveBytes.
  	heapSize < minimumMemory ifTrue:
  		[self insufficientMemorySpecifiedError].
  	"allocate a contiguous block of memory for the Squeak heap and ancilliary data structures"
  	objectMemory memory: (self
  								allocateMemory: heapSize
  								minimum: minimumMemory
  								imageFile: f
  								headerSize: headerSize) asUnsignedInteger.
  	objectMemory memory ifNil: [self insufficientMemoryAvailableError].
  	heapBase := objectMemory
  					setHeapBase: objectMemory memory + cogCodeSize
+ 					memoryLimit: objectMemory memory + cogCodeSize + heapSize
+ 					endOfMemory: objectMemory memory + cogCodeSize + dataSize.
- 					memoryLimit: objectMemory memory + heapSize
- 					endOfMemory: objectMemory memory + dataSize.
  	"position file after the header"
  	self sqImageFile: f Seek: headerStart + headerSize.
  	"read in the image in bulk, then swap the bytes if necessary"
  	bytesRead := objectMemory readHeapFromImageFile: f dataBytes: dataSize.
  	bytesRead ~= dataSize ifTrue: [self unableToReadImageError].
  	self ensureImageFormatIsUpToDate: swapBytes.
  	"compute difference between old and new memory base addresses"
  	bytesToShift := objectMemory memoryBaseForImageRead - oldBaseAddr.
  	self initializeInterpreter: bytesToShift.  "adjusts all oops to new location"
  	self initializeCodeGenerator.

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